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Hi! I’m Heather. I’m a mom of four kids, four chickens, and Rudolph the Wonder Dog. I currently work outside of the home, but I’ve also been a stay-at-home mom for 15 years. And whether I’m punching a clock or punching bread dough, I’ve tried to save money.

But saving money is a lot of work. So, over the years, I’ve found a lot of shortcuts to save on food, clothes, crafts, and more.

What you can find here:

Here’s just a few of the articles that I’ve got slated to post. (Links will be added as the articles are posted)

Cheapskate 101

If you are new to saving money, here’s some great articles to get you started:

  • The ONE thing you should do to save money on groceries
  • How to menu plan and not go crazy
  • Home canning 101

Freezer Cooking

No matter what I do, my family keeps wanting to eat. What I do to make cooking easier:

  • How to convert your recipes for freezer cooking
  • How to create a freezer pizza kit
  • How to freezer cook when you have a tiny freezer

Recycling and Upcycling

Household Management

Home Decor and Crafts

  • How to tile a fireplace without a tile saw
  • How to pick a paint color for your room



I’m a tech writer for my day job, so I’ll post my best tips:

  • How to avoid getting your identity stolen
  • How to buy a smartphone for cheap

And that’s just the beginning! Be sure to sign up for my weekly newsletter so you don’t miss a single tip!

About Me

I’m a sci-fi geek and a word nerd.

Favorite Disney princess ever

The only Disney princess for me










Profanity Policy

Most people don’t know this about me, but I like to swear.

A lot.

But I keep that pretty buttoned up, both in public and on the internet.

Here’s the reason why.

Sometimes I’ve run across a funny article online. Or I’ve read a profound and provocative piece. And I wanted to share that piece with someone. However, there was THAT word (or a sprinkling of THOSE words) in the article. And I knew that if I were to share the piece, there would be some people that would reject the piece based on THAT word, and not pay attention to the other words surrounding it.

For example, I love The Oatmeal. If I were Supreme Education Ruler, I’d hang the Oatmeal grammar posters in high school classrooms all across the country.

These posters are funny and visually interesting, and knowing high school students’ penchant for irreverence, memorable.

But I can’t. Because a panicky parent might take objection to some of THOSE words used, and the message would be lost. And I certainly wouldn’t redact or cover up THOSE words, because I respect the right of the Oatmeal creator to use whatever words he wants.

So, in my little space here at 15 minute cheapskate, for THOSE types of words, I’ll use the old comic strip standby @#$%! This allows you to fill in the blank. When you see @#$%! in an article, feel free to fill in your mind what you would like. You could make it sound like an old Dennis the Menace comic, or you can turn it into a Louis C.K. monologue.

Your choice.

The following exclamations may be used on occasion:

  • crap
  • hell
  • damn

Sorry, not censoring those. Also, sometimes I may refer to poop and pee and other bodily fluids. Because, as a mom, I traffic in bodily fluids.

toilet Istvan Benedek

So, so many different types of  bodily fluids

Photo by Istvan Benedek

Feel free to share my posts with your kid or your 78 year old grandma. I just ask that you keep to the same profanity policy when posting your own comments.

Cause we’re not YouTube here.


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